RCC Corrosion Control offers a COST SAVING certified NSF coating/lining, COROFLAKE 224AR VE, to compliment its existing range of COROFLAKE FDA compliant Vinyl Ester coatings and linings.

The system provides extreme abrasion resistance, making it perfect for use in water filtration systems, potable water vessels, water treatment equipment, OTR transport trailers, rail cars and many other vessels that contain our food and water.

COROFLAKE 224AR VE is UL certified for use in tanks ≥ 300 USG for products in direct potable water contact according to the following standards:

  • -ANSI / NSF 61
  • -ANSI / NSF 61, Annex G
  • -NSF 372
  • -NSF/ANSI/CAN 600


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Ceramic Filled Abrasion Resistant Vinyl Ester Coating


  • -Excellent abrasion resistance: High quality blend of ceramic fillers optimizes abrasion and wear properties
  • -Excellent chemical and permeation resistance ensures chemical service versatility and long performance life
  • -Outstanding adhesion to properly prepared steel and concrete substrates
  • -Easy to apply: 2-component, sprayable product enables efficient mixing and application to reduce time
  • -Self-priming for direct to metal (DTM) application in all NSF related service applications



  • Abrasion factor: 10 mg (average loss); CS 17 Wheel, 1 kg load, 1000 cycles
  • Water vapor permeability: 0.0022 perm-inches per ASTM E-96 Procedure E
  • Adhesion strength: Per ASTM D4541 adhesion is ≥ 1000 psi on steel, and exceeds concrete strength
  • Application: Spray applied in 1 or 2 coats to achieve 40-50 mils DFT using various spray equipment options
  • Curing: Accelerated cure of 1 hour at 160°F meets NSF standards while saving energy and production time
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COROFLAKE 224AR VE for Carbon Filtration Vessels & Transport Equipment

With new regulatory changes and mandates to reduce PFOS synthetic toxins, and other harmful PFAS contaminants, Water, Utilities and Industrial companies are faced with a myriad of challenges to control, and protect against the threat to our drinking water and industrial waste streams.

RCC is committed to providing quality products and services in support of these threat protection mandates. COROFLAKE 224AR VE, high performance NSF certified vinyl ester lining, is ideally suited for internal abrasion and chemical protection of filtration vessels and OTR transport trailers handling granular activated carbon, and other abrasive water process solutions.

COROFLAKE 224AR VE is specifically designed to optimize service performance with a high level of application efficiency, resulting in substantial lining installation cost savings when compared to some traditional and current lining system technologies used in these applications.