Crack-Bridging Systems

illustration of RCC Coroflex lining with fiberglass reinforcement

This unique crack-bridging system incorporates a flexible membrane, fiberglass mat reinforcement and chemical resistant topcoats. The system incorporates a flexible basecoat/membrane to relieve stresses caused by movement or cracking in concrete together with semi rigid/semi flexible fiberglass mat reinforcement to dissipate the stress. A topcoat system can be selected from any of the RCC Corrosion Control linings, coatings and flooring range for application over the fiberglass reinforcement layer to provide chemical resistance and physical properties needed to meet the operating service conditions.


COROFLEX BC is a flexible, modified epoxy, crack-bridging membrane that is used in COROFLEX LINING systems and as the flexible membrane for specific crack-bridging strap and hinge joint detail designs.


COROFLEX LININGS consist of a series of high performance, crack-bridging systems designed to tolerate crack movement in concrete while providing protection against exposure to corrosive chemicals. COROFLEX BC is the flexible elastomeric basecoat membrane used in all COROFLEX LINING system designs. The reinforcement layer consists of fiberglass mat and either an epoxy or vinyl ester resin saturant depending on the specific chemical containment requirements. Topcoat selection is dependent on specific chemical resistance and service condition requirements. Topcoats are available in Epoxy, Epoxy Novolac, Chlorendic Polyester, Vinyl Ester and Novolac Vinyl Ester base resin formulations.