RCC Corrosion Control offers a full line of chemical resistant Lining, Coating and Flooring systems to solve corrosion problems in a wide range of industrial market applications. These systems are designed to provide optimum corrosion protection, ease of application, reduced downtime, and cost effective solutions for long term service. Our products are formulated using various quality grade resins including vinyl ester, novolac vinyl ester, epoxy, epoxy novolac, polyester, and specialty polymers. Our core product line consists of several system categories and designs as featured below. 

Trowel Applied Glass Flake Reinforced Linings

Combined Trowel/Spray Applied Flake Filled Linings

High Build Spray Applied Flake Filled Linings/Coatings

Spray and Roller Applied Flake Filled Linings/Coatings

Mat Reinforced Flake Filled Linings

Protective Coatings/Linings

Polymer Resin Flooring

Trowel Applied Reinforced Linings

Mat and Resin Reinforced Laminate Linings

Crack-bridging Linings & Membranes

Primers, Grouts, Sealants,
Repair Products